This new job is for you, Yiayia …

“If you could interview anyone, who would it be?”

They say be prepared for any question in a job interview but I had never been asked that before…let alone during a job interview.
I was asked that question though while interviewing at WGBY to join Connecting Point.
Thinking for a second, immediately the answer came to mind.
I would interview my Greek grandmother on my dad’s side.
Unfortunately I never met her because she tragically passed away before I was born but my dad talked of her constantly about what a great mother and Greek woman she was.
So even though I never had the privilege of meeting her, I felt as if I knew her from the stories and memories of my dad who unashamedly called himself, “a mama’s boy.”
What would I ask Yiayia?
Was she scared coming over on a boat from Greece not knowing the language or way of life in America?
Did she get emotionally happy or stay quietly strong when she saw the Statute of Liberty as she sailed into Ellis Island?
How did she manage to raise a family and be there for her kids yet still work herself to the bone at the same time?
I would ask her if my dad was always this awesome or was he a trouble maker?
How did she know my mom was the perfect girl for dad and then made sure to tell him so?
And so many more questions I would ask her about her life… dreams… goals.
I’m convinced I have her work ethic passed down through my dad.
I wonder what else we’d have in common if we spent time together at family weddings, funerals and holidays.
Or would we get to see each other more often than that?
I guess I’ll never know and that is so sad yet she inspires me.
If she didn’t give up til her last breath, neither will I.
If anything, out of tribute to her and her willingness to forge a new path in life.
I can’t imagine not being her Greek granddaughter.

And it’s amazing how such a simple question can make someone think long and hard about loving a person they’ve never met.

So I thank God for that question from the people I now get to call my bosses and co-workers.

They may not be big fat and Greek but I’m proud to call WGBY family.