Stuff I Keep in my (hot pink) Purse

They say a woman’s purse tells a lot about her. Looking at an inventory of the items in my purse, I am not even sure what it says about me. I mean, what girl likes guns as much she likes makeup? Yet both are essential to my livelihood. I can understand why some guys are afraid to hold a woman’s purse. They don’t want to know what’s inside and the fear of the unknown scares them. I have a feeling if they are scared of the average girl’s purse, they shouldn’t keep reading this. Here’s my list:

A book about American History

Greek/English dictionary

Small notebook to scribble my thoughts


Pocket knives (one is camouflage, the other has cute high heels on it)

Empty shotgun shell

Phone charger

Two┬áthree video tapes of recent stories I’ve done

Flash-drive of all my work that’s aired on TV

Change wallet (it has hardly any change in it. I keep my receipts from eyebrow threading in there because when I save 8, I get one free!)

Bottle of perfume

Red nail polish

Hair clip

Business cards

Mascara & Pens (together in the same pocket)


Zipper pocket full of makeup