Stuff I Keep in my (hot pink) Purse

They say a woman’s purse tells a lot about her. Looking at an inventory of the items in my purse, I am not even sure what it says about me. I mean, what girl likes guns as much she likes makeup? Yet both are essential to my livelihood. I can understand why some guys are afraid to hold a woman’s purse. They don’t want to know what’s inside and the fear of the unknown scares them. I have a feeling if they are scared of the average girl’s purse, they shouldn’t keep reading this. Here’s my list:

A book about American History

Greek/English dictionary

Small notebook to scribble my thoughts


Pocket knives (one is camouflage, the other has cute high heels on it)

Empty shotgun shell

Phone charger

Two three video tapes of recent stories I’ve done

Flash-drive of all my work that’s aired on TV

Change wallet (it has hardly any change in it. I keep my receipts from eyebrow threading in there because when I save 8, I get one free!)

Bottle of perfume

Red nail polish

Hair clip

Business cards

Mascara & Pens (together in the same pocket)


Zipper pocket full of makeup


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