I work in the media & I like to shoot guns. I’m also Greek.

Let me guess- you’ve already formed an impression of me? You’re most likely wrong.

Just because I like to shoot guns doesn’t mean I vote Republican. Just because I work in the media doesn’t mean I vote Democrat. Just because I’m Greek doesn’t mean I talk loud, eat a lot, come from a big crazy Greek family or talk incessantly about being Greek…well, two outta three stereotypes ain’t bad 😉

I’m not ashamed of the fact that I love to shoot guns. In fact, do you know what my favorite gun to shoot is? An AR-15. That’s not what this post is about though. I’m not here to write about the NY SAFE Act. Or gun control. Or lack of it. I’m not here to write about gun violence. Or ways to stop it. I’m just here to say one thing: I work in the media and I like to shoot guns. Oh… and I’m also Greek.

Why should I hide the fact that I shoot guns? I shouldn’t. Why should someone judge me based off the fact that I shoot guns? They shouldn’t.

It’s really none of your business what I personally think or feel about any gun control laws or legislations. And I have no intention of sharing that with you. To be honest, I’m not even always sure what I agree/disagree with when it comes to gun legislation. Working in the media though requires when one presents a story- to tell both sides of it and let your audience make up their mind where they fall. But just because I work in the media doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to have preferences or hobbies, even if it’s controversial to some or even relates to a newsworthy topic.

Are guns the same as cigarettes? No. That’s an easy question, I know.

Not so easy questions?

Are guns safer than cigarettes? Do more people die from cigarettes than from guns? Can more be done to stop gun related deaths? Can more be done to stop cigarette related deaths? Should the cigarette sales tax increase to prevent more people from smoking? Should the cigarette sales tax decrease to stop punishing smokers? Should there be no cigarette sales tax at all? Those are all great, thought-provoking questions and what a news story may focus on.

But should someone in the media be excluded from talking about these topics simply because they are a smoker and would thus be naturally prejudiced? As a professional in the media, they don’t (or shouldn’t) let their smoking cloud the issue they are presenting to the viewer. It sounds too simple to be an acceptable argument but my shooting guns shouldn’t stand in the way of a story about anything to do with guns.

But it takes two to tango. I’m looking at you. It shouldn’t give you a false impression that I’m an Annie Oakley or a Sarah Palin. Or vice versa, that I wouldn’t enjoy shooting guns because I work in the media.

I’m simply me. Aliz Koletas.

A Greek girl who likes to shoot guns just as much as I love to play the piano. A Greek girl who loves to talk politics and religion just as much as I love clothes and shopping. A Greek girl who owns a pink motorcycle helmet, an orange Flyers jersey and a white Land Rover. A Greek girl who has a colorful closet but not a green thumb. A Greek woman who can do anything you can. I may not fail, I may not succeed but I most definitely am going to give it my all.

In a cute outfit and high heels.

While shooting an AR-15.

P.S. I’m Greek.