High Maintenance, Low Budget

High Maintenance on a Low Budget. I should trademark that phrase. It’s been my slogan for as long as I can remember. I’m pretty sure it started because I have an obsession with pretty dresses and heels so people always assume I’m high maintenance. Well, I’m not. In fact, I was quite the tomboy growing up and loved gloating about the fact that I had a better fort than my brothers- who were, might I add, very jealous of my four actual real walls that stayed together. They would try to sneak around my fort with their friends and break it down. I fought back. Fiercely. Eventually though I started building a Barbie dollhouse in my bedroom instead of a fort in the backyard. It didn’t help that my bedroom was Precious Moments theme and *all* pink (walls, carpet, curtains- you name it) …oh, and every family picture you see of my childhood, my mom has my sisters and I in pretty dresses and big beautiful bows on our heads. Yes, some years we matched. No, none of us are twins. While I still wear pretty dresses and skirts nowadays, I also have that untamed, wild streak running through my blood from my younger childhood. Case in point: I have a list going of everything I’ve done in skirt & heels- riding a motorcycle, shooting guns, walking my dog, playing laser tag, cleaning the streets of Troy, painting my clothing shop… I’ll spare you the rest of the list.

So when I decided on a whim last month to chase a great opportunity (and at the same time, a dream of mine) and open a consignment shop, it was no big surprise that it involved clothes. Lots of them. Consigning has really flourished the past couple years in light of the economic hardships a lot of people are facing. It allows people- men and women alike to make some extra cash on their brand name clothes that they have never/hardly ever wear. It’s the fashionable way to recycle! Not quite content with just that, I’ve also decided to have a boutique section and a thrift section in the shop. So there’s something for everybody, even the furry, four legged family members of your family. I’m excited about what I hope will be a fashion burst of energy to North Troy and soon all of the Burgh–yes, even all of Troy, can be high maintenance on a low budget!

If you’d like to consign, learn more about the shop (or even give me advice on being a small business owner!), please feel free to reach out to me!

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