Operation Greek Princess Demolition Derby

What? a Greek girl dressed in a pink helmet, pink polo dress and pink boots purposely crashing a hot-pink princess car in a demolition derby

When? Labor Day 2013

Where? upstate NY

Why? because. just because

Here are the ABC’s to my crazy-idea-turned-reality:

Again? nah, I think I’ll pass. once was good enough for me

Bragging? absolutely. til the day I die

Cried? broke down when my dad asked me why I didn’t take the stereo out of the car to sell for a profit. “I don’t even know how to drive in a derby, dad. That’s the least of my worries!”

Damage? car was banged up pretty bad. so was my neck for a couple days

Elegant? considering I wore a pink polo dress and had to climb in and out of car through window and windshield…yes

Fans? hundreds of them. stopping me as I made my way to meet the family in the stands. “Way to go, pink girl! I was rooting for the pink car! Love the outfit! Love the car!”

Girlie? absolutely not. which is why I added so much pink. blends well with dirt & grime

How? dumb determination with a tiny bit of sheer stupidity

Investment? none. www.pemberconstruction.com from Troy, NY sponsored me

Junk? absolutely, but I still got emotional when I scrapped the car after the derby

Koletas? yep, through and through

Lesson? check blind spots more often. cars come out of nowhere, especially when you’re driving a hot-pink car

Mirrors? all must be removed from a derby car along with any glass. Refer to above question why that was not a good thing for me

Number? wanted 22 to be my car number as I’ve had significant events happen in my personal life on the 22nd of many months in 2013

Outcome? best looking car trophy

Preparation? involved “helping” a demo derby pro strip the car. by help, I mean, stand there and say “what’s that? what are you doing? why are you doing that? how are you doing that? is it gonna hurt? this is easier to watch than do!”

Quit? never. when the head honcho came over right before the race started to assure me I could back out whenever I wanted, I interrupted him with, “LET’S GET THIS PARTY STARTED!”

Response? “you’re crazy!” 1000x over from everyone

Safety? pink helmet. no airbags which I found out can be very unsafe in a derby. go figure. 

Time? 3 days of prepping & planning = 3 1/2 minutes of actual derby time

Umbrella? didn’t open it once even though it poured like crazy. I’m tough like that.

Variety? there are too many choices of semi-gloss black spray paint 

Walmart? has really cheap hot-pink paint. and princess decals. and stencils.

Xenos? a Greek word that Greeks use to describe non-Greeks. *oops, getting back on topic now*

Y? because. just because.

Zero? regret.



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